About Us


  1. Holy Cross School,Umkiang is an Institute established and administered by the Holy Cross Educational Foundation. The institution comes under the Rights and Power granted to religious and linguistic minorities by the Constitution of India (Art. 20 & 30 ).
  2. The Institution is Co- educational.
  3. The medium of instruction is English while Bengali & Hindi is taught as second language.


  1. While, therefore, the prime purpose of the establishment of this Holy Cross School, Umkiang is the Education of the children in good character and principles. Children of all faiths irrespective of caste, tribe, creed or community are accepted.
  2. As Catholic School, it is a learning community which has Christ as its Central motivating force. His values as expressed in the beatitudes and summed up in the virtues, of love, sincerity, peace, justice and freedom will so permeate the atmosphere that children of all social backgrounds even the most deprived and of all religions feel welcomed in the loving warmth which cherishes even as it challenges.
  3. This institution fosters child centered, activity based, value focused educational system.