Admission Details


  1. Admission is granted at class Nursery to children who have completed three years of age. Forms will be made available in the month of November.
  2. Admission to other classes will depend on the availability of seats. Information will be given in the third week of January.
  1. Information regarding Admission is published on the school notice board.
  2.  New students must be introduced personally to the Principal by their parents or guardians who will be responsible for their regularity, conduct and fees.
  3. If the school authorities think it convenient they will examine the new applicants and place them in the class they are found fit for.
  4. Admission is given on the receipt of the following documents.

              *Birth Certificate (attested copy)

              *Transfer Certificate (Original) (For Class I & above)

              *Conduct Certificate from the Head of the Institution, last attended

              *The mark sheet of the last Annual Examination (Original)



  1. In case a student has to be withdrawn before the end of the academic year, prior to the withdrawal the fee of the term has to be cleared.
  2. Should a pupil be removed from the school no certificate will be granted until all dues to the school have been paid.
  3. Application for a Transfer Certificate has to be made in writing to the principal. This must be collected from school office and Rs. 100/- is to be paid. Duplicate copes of Transfer Certificate are not issued.
  4. Other Certificates will be issued against a written application and notice of three days must be given.